Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lecture (12): Bombay Islam

Today's lecture is by Nile Green, Professor at the Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles, known for his work on the history of early modern South Asian with a particular focus on Sufi institutions and figures. It is hard to list his representative publications, not only due to the variety of his interests but also the embarrassment of riches one faces when looking at the list of his contributions. It is fortunate then that his talk today is based on his recent publication Bombay Islam: The Religious Economy of the Western Indian Ocean, 1840–1915, published by Cambridge University Press in 2011.

Nile Green's talk was hosted by the Ali Vural Ak Center at George Mason University and we are quite grateful that it was posted online.

Nile Green - "Bombay Islam: The Religious Economy of the West Indian Ocean" from Ali Vural Ak Center for Global I on Vimeo.

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