Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lahore is Lahore

This picture really reminds me of the Lahore of my childhood; sleepy, verdant, calm. It's a bit hard to spot nowadays, but it's still there, hidden away in back streets of residential areas, with tall trees attending quiet roads, and the air with the promise of monsoon rain as the late afternoon bleeds into early evening.

Lahore, 10th July 2012

"Despite its turbulent career, Lahore has somehow managed to be a cultural centre with a distinctive resonance and charm. I, myself, admit to having fallen under its spell long ago. Of course, scholars are supposed to claim objectivity so that they can occupy a position of lofty impartiality. In theory, such abstraction and distance is necessary to avoid charges of partisanship. Nevertheless, like many other visitors to the city, I have found that Lahore has an extraordinary charm that few other places can claim."

Carl Ernst, "Foreword," in Anna Suvorova, Lahore: Topophilia of Space and Place, xi.

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