Monday, May 21, 2012

Documentary: The Great Moghuls

A Maghribist friend of mine alerted me to this fabulous documentary on the Mughals, from a few years ago called 'The Great Moghuls'. I am an hour and thirty minutes in and I find it an excellent watch and wanted to share it with everyone. So far my only quibble would be with the so called 'Hindu' army that Akbar faced soon after his accession to the the throne, which I would say more accurately may be called Afghan Surid with naturally a large number of Hindu soldiery. Then again, it was under the command of Hemu, a general in the service of the Surs who, as contemporary witnesses assure us, had begun to assert his own sovereignty, which the late great John F. Richards felt, if successful, would have signaled a reassertion of Hindu rule in North India not seen since the rise of Delhi Sultanate. Regardless, happy watching dear readers:

The Great Moghuls (1990) is a Channel Four Television documentary series covering the dramatic story of the rise of the Moghul Empire (1526-1857) of India. Over six generations, from father to son, the Great Moghuls captured, consolidated and profoundly influenced control of the vast sub-continent of India. The six-part series was written and presented by Bamber Gascoigne based upon his 1971 book of the same name. It was produced and directed by Douglas Rae and filmed in India.

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