Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lecture (4): The Last Mughal, his Court, and some Firangis

Admittedly I have never actually sat down and read Dalrymple's books, despite The Last Mughal having spent a good three months on my bedside table looking at me rather sternly--I am told however that it is excellent in terms of conveying historical detail while enrapturing the reader. I came across this lecture and thought I would share it. Although fields of connected histories and Europeans in Mughal India are outside of my domain (the extent of my knowledge of connected history being very land-locked and limited to Timurid and Safavid emigres to Northern India), I find these subjects fascinating. I hope you enjoy.

Also, I recently came across a series of conference recordings on early Muslim modernity under the Safavids Mughals and Ottomans and will be posting those shortly.

I have placed the video after the jump as seemed to slow down the page when loading quite a lot.


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