Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Current Projects (1): Shāh Qulī Khān Maḥram

A Sleeping Man is Oppressed by a Nightmare, illustration from Al-Suʿūdī, Maṭāliʿ al-saʿāda wa manābiʿ al-siyāda 
(The Ascension of Propitious Stars and Sources of Sovereign), Istanbul c. 1582
The Morgan Museum

I came across this arresting illustration and it occurred to me that as academics, our projects are very much like this jinn who comes to disturb restful sleep. The first semester of my PhD is over but as always there are projects abound. At the moment I am focusing on utilizing my MA thesis for a paper, tentatively about early Mughal politics and historiography with a focus on the life of one amīr, Shāh Qulī Khān Maḥram (d. 1010/1601). It feels a bit odd returning to the project, not having touched it for months after obsessively researching it for over a year.

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